“Jesus, all that darkness…What’s that?…Must be just some Space-dusts,” says Captain Turner Sorelski as he gazes out his ship’s porthole into the vast emptiness of space….

Following the journey of six sultry space explorers through a galaxy full of unexpected nemeses, Captain Sorelski and the Women race to win life’s ultimate and ever elusive prize: SPACEGOLD!

Captain Sorelski commands a feisty yet inept crew who do their …best to thwart their captain’s enterprise. With grace and wit, the crew – along with some unexpected intruders – hilariously bemoan their wanton sexual frustration while Sorelski, ready to sacrifice them all, manoeuvres himself ever closer to his goal. A movie that begins and ends on the tip of our hero’s crotch, Captain Sorelski and the Women in Search of SPACEGOLD is a space adventure gasping for titillation, where greed and treachery fuel an epic journey towards revenge and finally…orgasm!

This short video was:
Created by Matt Miwa and Lesley Marshall
Created through the SAW Video JumpstART Emerging Artists Grant

Finding strong artistic expression in low brow kitsch, SPACEGOLD is a movie that picks up on the B-movie aesthetic established by notable film making team Lee Demarbre and Phil Caracas (Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter and the Harry Knuckles series, Smash Cut). This reflexive piece of video-art explores the boundaries between the screen, the stage, and outer space.

Jeremy Lataweic – Captain Turner Sorelski
Alex Brandt-Dumas – Captain Jose Chouinard
Lieutenant LaWamba – Matt Miwa
Pirate Assistant Malenka – Sheri Borts
Sub-Ensign Nemilie – Emilie Dugas
Lieutenant Button Girl – Genevieve Morin

CREATED BY Matt Miwa & Lesley Marshall

“What did you see?” asks Murder… At The CIRCUS!, which invites the viewer into a dreamscape reality where the presence of the supernatural creates an uneasy tension. Murder… promises filmgoers the creepy delights of a sleepover ghost story, elevated by raw filmmaking techniques that leave ample room for the experience of the viewer.

Murder… exists almost in a void, relying on awe-inspiring performances from first-time actors with freedom from the constrictions of time. The characters are the “creatures of the underworld” reminiscent of those celebrated by Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge. The dark, troubled players are tenuously tethered to each other by the Circus, who is a character unto herself.

The intimacy of a soundscape free from dialogue bolsters a whimsical, quirky tale that celebrates ambiguity and the subconscious. Starring and created by past and present ByTowne staffers, Murder…manipulates footage filmed in small Ottawa spaces, including the ByTowne Cinema, to deliver magnified visuals and intensified experience of characters that will leave you wondering…what did you see?

Murder… evokes early David Lynch in a Guy Maddin universe. This nod to the silent film era is the second collaboration between Ottawa filmmakers Matt Miwa and Lesley Marshall, who bring humour and unrestricted creativity of form to this 3-year project.

“A unique emphasis on the artistic and the fantastic,” (Eddie Spuhghetti – Horror/Retro Host)

Text By Amy Ede

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