Installation Video: CUNTSTRUCTION “Cement Mixer” (Excerpt of 7min piece)

This video played inside a large installation for a performance art piece in the series by Les666 called CUNTSTRUCTION.

Contact for full piece.

Presented at HTMLLes Biannual Festival hosted by Studio XX in Montreal – performance artists Les666, Amy Ede, and Matt Miwa explored the ideas about rebuilding a new world from a feminist or matriarchal perspective. This video was set up on a monitor in the Cuntstruction site – our digital cement mixer. We brainstormed words and ideas to do with what we could Cuntstruct into our built society and put them into the mixer. The verbal parts of the performance art piece directed by Les666 emphasized the power of words, through a speech about being called a “cunt”, to the ripping up of “official court documents*” from survivors unheard in court proceedings and mixing them into real cement in order to make their arguments more concrete, to the names given to developments gentrifying communities. The cement mixer invited onlookers to think about what they would add to the Cuntstruction site.

Edited by Les666

*court documents were not official court documents but rudimentary props in the performance labelled as such